7 Reasons Why Selene is a MUST-HAVE During Raya Season

After a month of fasting, THE DAY has finally arrived. It’s never too late to wish all of you a Selamat Hari Raya or Eid Mubarak for those celebrating!

Now that Raya is here, you know what that means. Besides celebrating the day with your loved ones, it’s also that time of the year where you celebrate the day (and pretty much the whole entire month) with unlimited amount of food! We’re talking about ketupat, rendang, satay, biscuits, cakes and I could honestly go on without stopping. Let me just add lemang and lontong to the list because those are must-haves too!

But, here’s the thing. Like many of you here, many thoughts whirl in my head during Raya.

These thoughts haunt me every single time I’m house hopping during Raya. And don’t make me start on the bloats I get after having my meals. I get super insecure. But I know I’m not the only one who suffers from this.

So here is where Selene comes in. But why Selene?

That’s a good question. Here are 7 reasons why Selene is pretty much a must have product for everyone during Raya season:

#1 100% – All Natural, Fat Burner

Firstly, we care about our customers and always mention that Selene is an all-natural fat burner drink that is made of 100% natural ingredients. It’s also gluten free, vegetarian-friendly product and contains no laxatives at all. So, you won’t be going back and forth in bathroom during Raya because time is too precious and no one has got the time for that especially during Raya!

#2 Eat Without Worrying!

With Selene by your side, you can eat all you want during Raya. You want a second round with rendang and ketupat? Go ahead! Selene won’t stop you! Selene can easily help you burn unwanted fats throughout the day so you won’t have to worry about what you should or shouldn’t eat.

For the big eaters out there, Selene helps control your appetite too and can really help control the amount of food you eat so you won’t end up overeating.

#3 Maintains Weight


Yes, we know you lost weight during Ramadan and you’re most probably scared of eating too much just in case you gain back the weight you lost from fasting. Selene does not only help people to lose weight, but also helps maintain your ideal weight without restricting yourself from any food that you desire. Since Selene can help boost our metabolism rate, it’ll be harder to gain back the weight you lost too.

So if you’re scared about your clothes becoming tight by the end of the week, make sure you consume Selene before leaving your house.

#4 Raya Ready!


House hopping is fun but it can be draining. House hopping, meeting new people, talking to people, and of course, eating. These things actually take up a lot of our energy. The last thing you want during Raya is to be lethargic. This is the time to celebrate. You can’t be tired!

Selene has many benefits and one of them is to help give you energy. Trust me, not only you won’t be feeling tired but also your body will feel lighter when you consume Selene. You will need all the energy during Raya!

#5 Bye Gym, Bye Diets, Bye Bloats!


With Selene you won’t have to go to the gym (or think about going!) nor restricting yourself from eating your favourite foods. We don’t believe in fad diets here. Selene can help burn your fats away and boost your metabolism without going to the gym. Your bloats will be gone too when you consume Selene. So don’t worry whether your bloats will show up under your clothes! It won’t.

Forget about gyms and diets. You can definitely head to another house for another Raya feast anytime if you have Selene by your side!

# 6 Once A Day…

…Keeps the weight away.

And we mean it. Selene makes it so easy and convenient for any of us to lose weight. It boosts our metabolism, boost our energy so we won’t get tired easily and helps maintains our ideal weight too. All from one sachet per day and we won’t even have to take it everyday. Selene is also 4x more effective to help us lose weight compare to any other products out there especially those detox ones…

#7 Worry Free Raya!

Who doesn’t want a worry-free Raya?!

We have said this before and we will be saying this again. With Selene, you won’t have to worry about anything! Those negative thoughts in your wonderful head of yours that keeps thinking you won’t be able to enjoy the food, you’ll gain too much weight, you won’t look good in your outfit, you won’t be confident, blah blah blah has to stop. Selene will give you a peace of mind so isn’t it time to stop worrying?

You only need one sachet of Selene per day (which you don’t even need to take everyday) for you to not be worried about eating what you want and gaining unwanted weight during this time of the year.

Time To Celebrate!

It’s Raya! Remember to spend the day with your loved ones. It’s also the best time of year to visit your old friends and family members that you have always wanted to see but just can’t seem to find the time to do so.

But if you are constantly worried about your uncontrollable eating habits or whether you can’t enjoy your Raya just because you are scared of gaining weight, then Selene is definitely something that you need. Let Selene do all the work for you and give you ease during Raya season. So don’t forget to get Selene especially at this time of the year because I know that we will be eating like there’s no tomorrow.



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