Can Overeating Cause Chronic Inflammation?

But what exactly do I mean by “Chronic Inflammation”?

Chronic Inflammation can happen to all us especially if we don’t take care of our diet, eat whatever we want, overeat and are often stress almost all the time (Guilty…). Chronic Inflammation has even been linked to major diseases such as psoriasis, Alzheimer disease, obesity and even cancer.

So if you just realized that you’re one of the many that eats a lot of processed food, red meat, sugary drinks and all of the other unhealthy foods that I didn’t list down but you know exactly what I’m talking about on a daily basis, it’s honestly time to reduce these inflammation causing food.

What EXACTLY is “Inflammation”?


The Pro: Inflammation is a natural defense mechanism by our bodies to help fight illnesses or any foreign invaders that enters our body.

The Con: Chronic inflammation occurs when our body releases chemicals even when there is nothing – no illnesses or foreign invaders exist in our bodies.

So the answer to the question on the title above is that yes it can. When you overeat, you gain weight. And when you overeat is the time where inflammation is at its greatest.

Can Certain Foods Cause Inflammation?

Certain food can cause inflammation and don’t be surprised that some of these foods are probably part of your everyday meals:


Okay, a little bit of these once in awhile is completely okay. We’d definitely go crazy if we don’t have cheat days. But too much of it can wreak havoc to the cells in our bodies and definitely cause chronic inflammation.

The Anti-Inflammatory Diet


Controlling what you eat and drink can really make a difference to your body. Reducing inflammation in your body can reduce the chances of you getting major diseases just by eating the right food or swapping them for better alternatives. The aim of anti-inflammatory diet is to eat the right type of food to reduce chronic inflammation with the food you eat.

Here’s what you should be eating more or swap to:

  • Green tea instead of black tea
  • Extra virgin olive oil instead of vegetable oil
  • Vegetables such as kale, broccoli, spinach and sweet potatoes
  • Fruits such as apples and oranges
  • Nuts such as walnuts and almonds
  • Eggs or fatty fish such as salmon or tuna
  • Oats or brown rice instead of white rice

You may be wondering: “why these foods…?” or “Seriously, why do we have to swap?”. Yes not all of them may be the most delicious things on the planet but these foods are packed with antioxidants and polyphenols that helps protect the cells from free radicals and inflammation thus protecting the cells in our bodies.

Let’s Be Real.

Let’s have a moment to have a real talk here. A little reality check. Most of you won’t and/or are not willing to change or make the swap.

And of course, we’re not gonna blame you if you don’t want to. This is a full change to our daily meals and it’s not gonna be easy for any of us.

However, my advice is that since it is Ramadan, I’d say take this chance to make a swap to these foods because it’s the best time to do it. It’s the perfect time to be healthier and be the best version of you. Other tips that can help you is to definitely (I know you guys won’t do this) is to exercise and get enough snooze!

And I’d like to add one more tip that is super helpful for many of you especially those who struggle to change their diet and lose weight is to consume Selene!

Yes, as many of you know that Selene is a fat burner. Selene gives you energy. Selene boosts your metabolism. Selene focuses on fats in your legs, arms and tummy. Selene is never and will never be a detox drink that makes you go to the bathroom multiple times a day because we simply don’t have time for that! But I’d like to point out is that Selene can also and will help reduce inflammation in your body because of our super anti-inflammatory packed ingredient called Roselle that helps reduces inflammation. Selene will and does make it easier on you especially for those who struggles with overeating and have no control over their cravings. It only takes one sachet for all of these benefits to happen. Make a change on this fasting month.

So there’s definitely no time to waste! You do want to lose weight and get healthier right before Raya?

Take our advice. Swap your food to healthier ones and get the tin of Selene this month. We promise that your weight loss journey will be easy peasy this time 😉



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