Don’t Do These 11 Things During Ramadan

Time flies fast doesn’t it? We’re already halfway through Ramadan! Raya is almost here. Just right around the corner. Yet, there are so many things to think about. What to serve on the first day of Raya, what to wear, what to do, should I go there first or here first on the first day of Raya etc. The questions just won’t stop right? But are some of these questions necessary to think about since we still have 2 weeks left of Ramadan? Can we focus on something else here? How about the Don’ts of Ramadan because that’s exactly our topic for this weeks’ blog!

Here are some of the Don’ts of Ramadan:

1. Infinitely Scrolling Social Media


Social media is PART of our lives. There isn’t a day where you take a break from it. Even work sometimes consists of planning, posting and editing photos for social media. During Ramadan it’s even more tempting to scroll all the way down on food photos and videos especially Mukbangs videos. You’re fasting and you somewhat enjoy watching them eat. But social media takes too much of your time during the day. Instead of infinitely scrolling and refreshing your social media pages, why not limit the time you spend scrolling and staring at your phone? Set an alarm or a timer. You can even set the amount of time you want to spend on Instagram on your Instagram settings. There are many ways you can use your time wisely especially during the holy month of Ramadan.

2. Overeating


“I fasted the whole day. Why can’t I indulge myself in all of these food?”

Definitely a thought from the devil. It’s tempting to eat anything you want right of the bat. You’re only human. But one of the point of fasting is to eat just enough and not eat practically everything you see on the table. Control yourself. Overeating can make you feel more tired and you’ll feel guilty right after. Eat the right amount of food and stop eating when you feel full. Get up from the table straight away. Food wastage is one thing. Also remember to only buy what you need in bazaar Ramadan. Making a list of what you want to eat definitely helps with your temptation (as long as you stick to the list!).

3. Overspending


Yes. This. I’m also talking about how we easily spend a lot on food that we won’t even eat let alone touch when breaking fast. I’m also talking about how we overspend on clothes and accessories every time during this time of the year for Raya. Okay, I have to say. Spending for you and your family is definitely not wrong. But try NOT to overspend. Remember to set abudget. Remind yourself to only buy what you need. If you want to buy a new Raya outfit then buy only one Raya outfit and perhaps wear heels or shoes that you already have. If you want to get new accessories like bags or jewellery for Raya, then focus on that and wear your old Raya outfit from the previous years. I honestly think those old Raya outfits deserves a little outing don’t you think?

4. Spilling The Tea


Besides, we completely have no idea what they have been through or going through personally. Just send a nice DM to them, pray for them, give them the benefit of a doubt or just move on. Easy right? I thought so too!

5. Sleeping For The Whole Day


Yes you’re tired. You have no energy because you didn’t have any food. Your mind is still deciding what you want to eat. You eyes drift to the clock every now and then. Counting the hours, minutes, and even seconds to Iftar. You fall asleep watching the clock or decide to take a long nap just because it’s not close to Iftar yet. But you can’t keep doing this! You have to find something to do during the day. Be productive. Or you can read a book. Read the Quran. Perhaps buy a book about Islam and read it. This is the perfect time to improve our knowledge of our religion. Or get out and work out (if you can!). Help you family clean the house or cook with them. Just don’t sleep! But of course, short naps are acceptable.

6. Using Plastic!


Don’t use plastics to take away your food when you’re out to buy food at bazaar Ramadan. Try to bring your own Tupperware to the bazaar to stop yourself from using plastic. Chemicals from plastics leach into your hot food when you takeaway your food. You’re adding up plastic waste and they are very likely to end up into the ocean. Plastics take a long time to break down. We are seeing the damage it has done to our environment and our ecosystems. Our wildlife is slowly dying from accidentally eating plastics. People may give you funny looks when you bring out your own Tupperware but hey, you’re saving the animals and our environment! Go you!

7. Not Waking Up For Sahur


Sahur exists for a reason and there’s a blessing for those who wake up for Sahur. Eat nutrients dense food and don’t eat too much or anything that’s too heavy. It’ll make you even more tired during the day. Eat well so you’ll get the energy you need to survive the day. Don’t forget that you need to drink plenty of water at this time to keep yourself hydrated until Iftar. Malaysia can be so hot. We need our water. Here’s a tip: Drink up before your pre-dawn meal, after your pre-dawn meal and right before the call of Azan in the morning.

8. Not Remembering To Consume Selene


Selene is SO easy for all of you to consume. How can you EVER forget?! Remember to take it right after your pre-dawn meal. Selene will burn all the fats you need to burn this month without the need of going to the gym. It also helps control your appetite and cravings so you won’t go crazy hungry during the month of Ramadan especially for the big eaters out there. Selene can also give you energy to get through the day and right until Iftar. Go get that dream body of yours! Remind yourself that you will look absolutely confident and perfect on the first day of Raya and for the rest of the month! Remember, with Selene, it’s not too late to lose weight!

9. Getting H-A-N-G-R-Y


Not eating causes mood swings. We feel cranky too. It happens to each and every one of us. Who wouldn’t be if you haven’t eaten all day, you have work, things to do and always get stuck in traffic for a very long time after work? It’s really easy to flip when you’re exhausted. But you need to control yourself. If you have days where you don’t feel so good or people are talking badly to you, just breathe and remember that you’re fasting. Keep repeating it into your head that you’re fasting and you won’t let it get to you. Last thing you want is to accidentally snap and say something hurtful or awful. Practice this during this holy month of Ramadan and carry it with you even when Ramadan is over.

10. Pushing Yourself to The Edge


DO NOT overexert yourself. Remember that you’re fasting. Take a break when necessary from work. Nap during lunch hours in one of the empty rooms (pray your boss won’t see you tho). Give yourself – your mind and body a break. It’s so easy to feel so exhausted when you’re fasting especially during the days when Malaysia is scorching hot! You can’t even drink water! So you have to remind yourself to not push yourself too much! Take a breather, rest or get a quick nap because you need it and you deserve a nap.

11. Not Praying Tarawih

I get it that you are exhausted and we all get exhausted easily. But Tarawih prayers is definitely something that you should make time for. It only happens during the nights of Ramadan, which happens only once a year. Make time for this. If you feel to tired to do it every night, then make sure that you go to your local mosque and do Tarawih prayers few times a week. Remember, this happens only once a year.

Real Talk – The don’ts of Ramadan may be hard to do but it’s definitely not impossible to do! Nothing is actually impossible right? Try to practice these in your daily life. In my opinion the don’ts of Ramadan is definitely for us to be a better Muslim and also a better human being. There’s a lot of discipline, self-control, and patience needed for this month alone. Not only that, it is also for our bodies since fasting holds so many benefits and we’ll be healthier by the end of the month!…Or slightly healthier than before?



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