“Isn’t It Hard To Eat Right During Ramadan?”

The question to this is yes and also, no.

Eating the right food is hard enough during normal months. During Ramadan, you’ll get all sorts of cravings won’t you? You’ll want fried chicken with fries, then you want fried rice, then you also want a side of kuih but you also want bubble tea or an ice-cold chocolate Frappuccino or whatever your mind wants. So, yes it’s hard to keep control of your cravings during the fasting month and you’d think, “Well, I fasted the whole day. Why shouldn’t I go crazy with all these unhealthy food?”. Having this kind of mindset is the reason why you won’t get your dream body when Raya arrives.

Then how can you get your dream body when Raya arrives? How can you start eating right? What can you do to make eating right much easier this fasting month?

#1 Plan Out Your Meals

Did you know majority of people who wants to start eating right and eating well have a notebook to plan out their meals for the week?

So guys, it’s time to get a notebook. It doesn’t have to be the prettiest notebook out there. Once you get it, make it into your food diary for this Ramadan. Plan out your meals – what you’re going to eat for Suhoor and of course, what to eat for Iftar for the week. When I say plan, I mean really plan out your meals from Monday to Sunday. Make the time to create a complete schedule so you can prepare your ingredients early and all you need to do is cook. Plus, make sure the meals you make are high in protein, low in carbs/fats, low salt/sugar content, more fruits and veggies! Avoid eating fried foods! Take the challenge!

#2 Hydrating Foods

There are plenty of reasons why fruits and veggies are so good for you and it’s not just about making it easier for you to do “business #2”. Some fruits and veggies contain high water content such as watermelons (with 92% water content!), cantaloupes, tomatoes and cucumbers. Loading up your body with these not only helps replenish your body after a long day of fasting, but they are filled with nutrients and helps keep you full longer too.

#3 Low Fat/Low Carb Meals

Remember. Low fat and low carb meals only. No frying your food either. I get it that it’s faster if you fry your food but that certainly won’t help you shed the weight off fast! This is the reason why you have to plan out your meals. Make sure to cook your meals at least an hour before breaking your fast so you won’t rush! Having more protein and veggies will also help you shed your weight fast especially during the fasting month. If you really want to see your results, you better stick to this!

#4 Occasional Cheat Days

No one can ever go a week without having cheat days. It’s hard to keep up with clean eating. It’s stressful. It can literally drive you crazy and make you moody when you can’t eat that chocolate cake or that cheeseburger you’ve been craving for since last week. So on your food diary, have a day when you can eat absolutely anything after you break your fast. Pizza, McDonalds, bubble tea etc. literally anything you want. Go crazy for only one day because you have to limit yourself the next day. Careful not to binge eat!

#5 Low Impact Exercises

Let’s face it. Malaysia is scorching hot these days and you need every bit of energy during the fasting month so how the heck are you gonna even exercise right? We can’t even drink water until we break our fast!

So, instead of going for a high intensity exercises, try to do low impact easy exercises. For example, a 15-20 minute walk around the park or around the house a few hours before you need to cook your meals. You can even do yoga at the comfort of your home in front of the TV if you just don’t want to go out! There are plenty of easy yoga videos you can watch on YouTube. All you need is a yoga mat and you’re ready to go!

#6 Avoid Going To Bazaar Ramadan Every Single Day

It’s not as crazy as it sounds right?

Bazaar Ramadan is one of the best things ever during the fasting month. All of Malaysia’s favourite food all lined up in one spot. But majority of the food you see there are not so healthy. High carbs, full of fats, packed with sugar and so on. I know. This is Malaysia and this is our food. They taste amazing and we can’t help ourselves to not buy. So, that is why I’m telling you now to avoid going there every single day! Once you go, you’ll definitely splurge on food you weren’t even craving for in the first place. So limit your visits. Only go during your cheat days.

#7 S-E-L-E-N-E

If you want an easier way to help control your eating habits, consume a sachet of Selene during Suhoor. You won’t even have to worry about what you eat as long as you consume Selene because it will help you lose weight and helps give you energy during the fasting month too. But if you want to start eating healthy during the fasting month, that’s okay too because Selene can and will make it easier. Plus, you’ll definitely lose weight faster and be healthier by the end of the month! Say no more to those ridiculous “detox” supplements that forces you to go to the loo every hour. With Selene, trust us. That won’t happen at all.

Finally Achieving Your Dream Body

If one of your 2019 resolutions is to finally achieve your dream body and be healthier this year, the fasting month is the perfect time to do that. People lose weight all the time during the fasting month because we have a limit on when we can and can’t eat during the day. But to be healthier, you need to make a choice to eat healthier. But, you also can’t forget Selene can help you and there is absolutely nothing wrong to get help when needed. Raya is right around the corner. Not only you want to lose weight but remember that you also want to look absolutely perfect in your perfect Raya outfit with your family and friends right? How about the perfect OOTD you always wanted to post on your Insta? To finally have those aunties and uncles to stop commenting on how “big” your body is?

So time to plan out your meals on your notebook and make sure to grab a tin of Selene to make it easier for you. Remember, you can still achieve that dream body of yours before Raya!



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